Saturday, September 10, 2011

Deaf West: Big River and Beyond

Hello there chipmunks,

Deaf West are quite possibly the most well known Deaf Theatre company of the west (at the very least they get alot of Google hits). Beginning in 1991 the Artistic Director/CEO of Deaf West Ed Waterstreet states that he wanted to give 'cultural opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing individuals'. Since then Deaf West have gone on to become a Tony award winning theatre compancy. You may remember the clip from my first post from 'Big River' in 2004 and what you may have noticed in this clip that this production was  an amazing collaboration between musical theatre and signing.
The big costumes, cast and heart of this production made it a broadway hit and really placed Deaf theatre into the spotlight of critical and public attention. The success of 'Big River' has allowed Deaf West to continue create heart stopping theatre with a recent production of 'Pippin'.

 Although I could probably spend a long time posting about these guys I found this amazing video which contains an interview with the artistic directors of Deaf West that best describes the amazing dreams that they have for the deaf and hearing communities.

Thats all from me at the moment have fun watching these inspiring fellows explain their vision.

And if I don't see you again - Good evening, good morning and good night.

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