Sunday, September 11, 2011

From the horse's mouth

Hello blogosphere,

Today I was lucky enough to interview a friend of mine who had the fortune to work in at The Victoria School in the UK in which it is mandatory for all students to learn sign language. In the interview we discuss deaf theatre in relation to a number of subjects which have come up on this blog including the impact of deaf theatre on different audiences, the naturally heightened physicalisation in productions and the current funding crisis and limited deaf theatre companies in Australia today.

I apologise in advance for the background noise, the interviewee, Jonathan (Johnny) Ware is currently working at the Victorian School's Spectacluar and I was lucky that he found the time for an interview. This was recorded on the 11/9/11 and the voices are myself, Chloe Bunting and Jonathan Ware. Warning: This interview contains slightly coarse language. If this offends then please continue browsing other posts on the site.

A sincere thank you to Johnny to doing this interview and for your insight and opinion on deaf theatre in the UK and Australia.

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