Saturday, September 10, 2011

Threats to Deaf theatre...

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In the previous blogs I think I've shown you a number of reasons why Deaf Theatre is a beautiful and integral artform for both the deaf and theatre communities. This blog however is going to take a brief look at the threats that are faced by companies who strive to keep their work available for audiences.

In 2006 the New York Times reported a funding cut from Deaf Theatres in the U.S, that had occurred months prior. As most deaf theatre companies such as Deaf West and NTD (National Theatre of the Deaf) rely primarily on the governement for funding such cuts were devastating. In response their was a campaign launched by the deaf community to see that this funding was reinstated. This is a video made in 2007 in response to the issue.
To find more information on the campaign take a look at this blog which contains a number of interesting snippets from the media surrounding this issue

In 2009 Australia's only deaf theatre company, Australian Theatre of the Deaf (ATOD) faced a similar situation. The Southern Courier reported that ATOD had been cut from federal funding and unless they were given state funding the company would inevitably face its demise. Although ATOD do alot of touring around schools to educate children about deafness, their financial situation really depends alot on government support. The article about this can be found at this link

Thankfully ATOD found a haven in Arts Accesss Victoria and the theatre company is making the transition to its new home. They haven't had any major shows since 2008 due to the financial disruption and an increase in touring local schools but check out for upcoming productions and to fill out the National Survey.

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